The Diplomatic Delegation of Flanders

Who are we?

The Diplomatic Representation of Flanders is the diplomatic point of contact for Flanders in Italy. The Diplomatic Representation showcases the duties of the Flemish Community (culture, education, welfare policy, language policy) and of the Flemish Region (economy, employment, agriculture and fisheries, mobility and infrastructure, environment and energy, spatial planning and housing, research, foreign trade, tourism) in Italy. Flanders has extensive international expertise in areas such as the ratification of international treaties, bilateral cooperation, participation in the work of the European Union and other international organizations, and foreign trade.  The Office of the Representation is located in Rome, where it is part of the Belgian Embassy. In addition to managing bilateral relations with Italy, the Representation also represents Flanders' interests with the international organizations based in Italy, such as the FAO, WFP, and EFSA

In addition to the general facilitation of official contacts and of cooperation between Flanders, the Italian authorities and the Italian regions, the Diplomatic Representation is especially active in the areas of academic, scientific, cultural, and public diplomacy. The Representation acts in close cooperation with Flanders Investment & Trade (the agency that monitors the Flemish trade interests abroad), and VISITFLANDERS (the agency that promotes Flanders as a tourist destination).